Gili Air port

Gili Air port

We just stop by here as one of the destination in a snorkling packet, it is said the best place to see turtle, some of the group member see the turtle but the turtle then ran away :)) we are just not the only group who went there for snorkling, so we might scare the turtle away.

If you can see the light blue water there, there’s lots of coral down there in a short distance from the beach and we are supposed not to step on them, everyone was reminded carefully as they start jumping one by one off the boat.

on the corner of the boat

on the corner of the boat

well yeah, I’m taking bunch of picture on the boat, when i told you we sailing with the veggies, I mean it guys 😀 full of vegetables to supply the island, some are just a backpackers like I do, if you see there on the upright, they bravely go on the boat tip and fastly jump back into the inside of the boat once the wave quite big ahahaha…. ‘sitting nicely and have a chat with the old lady next to me and giggling at the same time” must admit I get my own pleasure to see the moment ;p