Blu d’Amare ~ a place you could call home

Blu d'Amare ~ Gili Trawangan, Lombok, June 2013

Blu d’Amare ~ Gili Trawangan, Lombok, June 2013

During my stay at Gili, I stay at a cozy small wooden bungalow at Blu d’Amare. I found the place when I was browsing where to stay, first it refer by the trip advisor as one of the recommended restaurant for Italian food to try if you ever visit Gili Trawangan. I’m checking the web also, so much other choices too but at the end I end up in picking Blu d’Amare, something just enchanted me to pick it up. So the booked was fast, I send texting asking if there is any available room for the next day, my sched kind messy at that time since I’m taking my annual leave but at the same time I still need to do some work too so I decided to pick someplace cozy enough for myself and safe. The feedback was fast, so I dont have to look other place afterwards. All settled and I’m just ready to go from Mataram.

The journey from Mataram to Bangsal Port and hop in to Gili Trawangan is fast enough, leaving at 7 am and I arrived around 10 am in Gili Trawangan already. Kinda lost direction walking to the other side of the island before I realized I have to go the other corner to get to Blu d’Amare. The weather is hot and I almost cant hide my grin when I found the blue color, sign of Blu d’Amare entrance.

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Another year has gone by

Another year has gone by

Moi – Sanur, Bali

Mbok Dayu with the flowers :)

Mbok Dayu with the flowers 🙂

Simbok - the hand that welcome me everytime I'm back to Sanur, Bali

Simbok – the hand that welcome me everytime I’m back to Sanur, Bali

Today, one day in another year, somehow I gotta say it that I’m thankful for those chances that have brought shimmering colors to my life, I’m thankful for those hands that always push me higher and reach me when I’m kinda lost.

Hey, I’m saying thank you for everything & everyone that have shaped me into the way I am now


Smile dong pak

Smile dong pak

This man is the owner of Warung Kusamba, I’ve meet his wife last time I visit so this time is his turn to take a pic 🙂

Warung Kusamba is just a small hutch there in Sanur beach, if you enter through Segara gate you just need to turn left for a while, pass through a rock stair down , they are the 3rd or the 4th tent from the corner. The place might be shabby but this tent give you great food sea fish specialties with a price only for 10.000 rupiahs (1 USD).

One plate will covered rice, cutted fried veggies, sambal mata, 3 stick of sea fish satay, 1 pepes (steamed sea fish) and a small bowl of fish soup. For me its yummy indeed and there are moment I get back there in a row ‘nom nom nom’

PS. Their specialty is goes with the sea fish and there are some pork satay if you like 🙂



These people are lining to jump onto the boat, they will sailing across the sea to Nusa Lembongan to pray in their temple, its about 30-45 minutes away from Sanur.
If you have to watch how high and the big the wave are that morning, you will understand how big is their devotion…