Gili’s blue sky

Gili's blue sky

Look at how blue and clear the sky is 🙂


the lovely bungalow



Before I arrived, I was browsing my head out looking for a place to stay. I do like to keep my budget fit since this is quite a long travelling and I didnt want to ended broke in the middle of nowhere but I also want to gave myself a good time for couple of days in Gili Trawangan since this is still a holiday (hey you need to spoil yourself once in a while 😀 ) and then I see this place through the website somehow it just put some magic in me and make me enchanted. Reservation arranged through texting just a night before and I’m ready to go.

And when I arrived, I do love love love the real bungalow. The bungalow build from the old wooden house called joglo that been presented traditionally but completed with air conditioner & fan along with the wide simple bathroom. I love to hear the sound of the wooden floor squealing softly everytime I walk across the room. Its feels like you are reminded to your childhood when even the simple thing really make you excited. I have two small comfy chair on the porch, other bungalows have a widen space to put some lazy chair but since I’m alone, I get the small one with the lazy chair put under the tree on the front yard bungalow, yay my lucky luxury having my own garden over there. The entrance to my bungalow is hiden from the main walkpath from the other so it really fits me.

Yes, I found myself another place to make me feel like I’m home. Even I’m not leaving yet, I’ve make plan already to comeback here 😀