2012 ~ on the Edge of the year

2012 ~ on the Edge of the year

Well well well, time did flew away faster huh and here I am on the edge of the year trying to recap things that I’ve been working on. Looking back, I’m sure I gain more of everything comparing the lost part. New places & faces, joy of tasting new food nor new things, knowledge, experiences fulfill the whole year through. Yeah, the job is also getting much more challenging this year but that is another way to prepare myself better to handle bunch of tasks in the future, anyway can’t complain about it, since it was because of my job also that has took me to many enchanted places in the other part of the world. As some people say, work hard and then…. ‘boss please send me for training further please’ ;p Hopefully all of those bumpy & jumpy road have brought me into a better person in any way.


And yes beside travelling, taking pictures has become my other ecstasy too during daily life and getting much more when I’m travel since there were so many things that I want to kept and with my limited memory cells inside of my brain I need the help from my cameras ^^ I’m not a professional photographer but every pic that I take, I took it with a part of my heart and I hope whoever see it could feel a lil bit of it.


Thanks for all of you that has been kind enough to stop by to read, looking around, reblog and leave some comments, I appreciate that. No stealing picture please as taking something that not belong to you is never been a good thing, you can link me or leave me a comment if you want to use it ‘aw I become such a grandma in the end of the paragraph’ ;p


Anyway, enjoy the year end of 2012 and lets celebrate to cherish the new year to come! ‘teletubbies hug’