A Taste of Gudeg


Gudeg seller @Malioboro street at night, Yogyakarta ~ Oct 12

As the nights comes down and the other side of the night has risen, the souvenirs seller replace by the food vendor and one of it is a gudeg seller that I found nearby the 24 hours shop at Malioboro. The lady was helped by her daughter, selling gudeg one of the traditional food from Yogyakarta.


One porsion of Gudeg served – white rice, gudeg, a slice of tofu, chicken leg & sambal krecek with chillies, iyey 🙂

The gudeg will refer to the young jack fruits seasoning with sweet coconut sugar and milk and served with rice, a piece of cooked tofu and you can add with the seasoning chiken, along with the sambal which called krecek – a fried dried skin cooked with coconut milk, seasoning and lots of small red chilies in whole. For those whose not familiar enough the taste is varied from sweet until soooo sweet ;p but that is the way gudeg is 🙂  


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