Going Home


Guarding the Sultan @Mirota Batik, Yogyakarta ~ Oct12

Nearing the end of year has always creating a hectic schedule, but among those crumbled meeting schedule I found the sanctuary when I was told that the meeting venue will be held in Yogyakarta. For those who already know me, they knew that Yogyakarta own a permanent legacy in one of my heart lobe. A place where I always feel like I was going home. With the town hospitality and the smiles that I found in every corner of the city seems like I always welcome to stop by.

Though its only months away since my last visit, this time I took one additional day from my annual leave allowance so I could enjoy the city atmosphere more. Some old friends even stopped by, bringing smile, introducing husband and fiancee, even salak pondoh. Above it all I feel so grateful that they are willing to share a part of their life with me.


my lovely cute teletubies, tallented supermom, a hardworking woman <)3…


a lil sister, a very good culinary companion in Yogyakarta, batik lover too


my highschool roomate with her fiancee ❤ so happy for her

Thanks for being there sisters & friends <)3….

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