When the night comes

when the night fall down @Toba Lake, North Sumatera ~ Oct2012

As the sun goes down and the light start to turn on, the other side of the lake Toba beauty has risen. I walk through the rock path from the room pass through the cafe on the 2nd floor, just like the seasonal antfly, I was captured by the beauty of the light across the lake. The shadows of the light falls onto the lake and with the ripple of the water, they just like swimming trying to get across to the other side. The passing cars from above of the hill appears in between, just like a twinkle stars in such a low height.

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Short Escape

Reflection of the sunrise @Toba Lake, North Sumatera, Oct12

Last week I gotta chance to skip from my routine and go out side even though its for another meeting. Anyway, I get a chance to have ‘me time’. Hopping to another main island along with the back pack, the cams and the new sights, the excitement has begun.

And when I arrived there, I skipped myself from the crowd. Playing with the cam, enjoy the breeze and once more the beauty of the nature has captured my heart. It was such a short escape but indeed it help my wandering soul.

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