me time @Sanur

Life indeed a roller coaster, full of upside down emotionally events. And honestly even though I did not want to admit it, I kinda feeling demotivated lately. The things that I thought was a challenge has become my routine and no matter how hard I tried to chase them up and support the team, the list is getting longer and longer. Feels like I’m running in the hamster’s wheel. For the things I’m working on, the appreciation goes to someone else and definitely it sucks…. sorry for the wording, but hell yeah that is what I felt at this very moment.

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You & the rain

Tonight, after a while, I see you again. Standing with the blue shirt, khaki trouser & those sloppy sandals on that corner of the park. I see you smiling and my heart start beating faster. Under this circumstances, I should be able to smiling back at you, but I found that tears pouring down my cheek and blurring my eyes. So much things that I want to tell you, the things when you are not around and yet my lips seems locked even to say maaf. Have you ever realized that you locked me in time with the way you looking at me? Your hand reaching on to touch my cheek softly as you kiss my forehead and hold me close. I could feel you heartbeat, the tune that beats for me. You grasp my fingers and hold it close like nothing happened. No words needed when you near by.

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