USA: Picnic Day @Ames


Back yard – as the sun start settled down


Before the training is over there is one night, yes its a night thought its soooo bright I’m  a hundred percent sure it was a night (>_<) hard to get myself used to the bright night though. Well back to the story, all of the training participants were invited into a picnic session in the prof. house. Yay 🙂 picnic means fooood….. ;p


girls power! 🙂



the support team 🙂 vets students and the university staff




see? this is only a part of the front yard 🙂



back yard



lovely wild grass





Smile Gwang-eun (^ ^)

Its a cozy farm house, the house is modified from wood in a farm style which I thought one of the cool house to just lay around and be lazy ;p The amazing thing is, he have this huge backyard full of wild grass, one red barn to keep the equipment and a tractor, trees, lots of them including the one with hammock, and that is not included the small corner to keep all those  chubby dotty chicken as an egg supplier for the house 😀 


another corner in the back yard



happy to be here <)3…..

I just cant keep my eyes away as the sun start settling down, the birds are flying around at the end of the grass field added the beauty of the nature. It was a simple feeling, I was happy to be there.



PS. Some of the photo were grab from the official website, yeah the bright and  clear ones, its not mine 🙂 

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