USA: Ledger National Park


Ledger National Park

After the training session is over, those nice students are taking us somewhere to walk or hike if possible. Some of us so excited and some just prefer to go with the other group to the malls. I do prefer to go somewhere to see something new as you can find shopping mall everywhere. I just glad I make the right decision that afternoon. 


We were riding in a car about an hour from the city center, the appearance of crowded house replacing by farm field as we are getting close to our destination. One of the student are really eager to show us this place, you can see a beaver she told us and then the eagerness is contagious as we start to walk on the forest path and start seeing the proof of living beavers – a woodchuck on the below part. We look around carefully as we step on, well we did not want to scare the beaver right 🙂


proof of a beaver – woodchuck 🙂



I think I see a beaver down there! ‘we were waiting quite long before decided to leave and imitating a beaver’ ;p



no beaver??? 😀



bright as it is in the morning



Des Moines river



the lost lake nature trail



if you see carfeully, you can see those baby bird in there, the nest is from mud and dried grass hanging along the rock wall



looking around to the other part of the park






yay almost 9 pm and still bright

We keep on walking from one intersection to another one, guided by the woodchuck along the way. Near the small lake, we could see the slight sign of beaver house but still we could not found our host in that small forest. But anyway the fact that our host didnt welcome us, we do some beaver pose by the lake before we keep on climbing above to circling on the hiking route. Its a smooth route, the path has been clean and have some wooden stair so people could go there and have a break from the city crowd. The trees are charming and eventhough its 7 pm the light are still bright enough for you to walk and by the time we reach one corner, we can see the Des Moines river glittery with sunset tone. 


We took a walk to the other part of the park, we did see birds that build their nest using mud, and we can see the baby bird peaking outside while the parents wont stop flying above us. Our guide advise not too close otherwise the birds could poop on you ;p  And on our way home we see lots of deer playing in the grass field, the mom is alarmed as our car ride through and the baby is hiding behind tall wild grass.  What can I say, it just another beautiful view to remember during this visit.



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