Thank you




The one who always taught me to be strong

Someone that have a faith in me that I always can do and achieve more than I did

Someone that bared to share her bed with me for years – I jump like rabbit & kicking like Bruce Lee while I slept

Someone who reading me stories and pretend to be a swamp thing monster who swept children ankle at so many sleepless nights

Someone that blow a wind hard enough to make me spread my wings & fly to catch my dreams

Someone who taught me to drive – oh well I’m more good with the bombom car

Someone who always find so many reason to tell me to go home, to let me know that I still have a place to go home & nieces to babysit (_ _ ;  ) I should know its your trick

Someone who always become the loud voice in my head to keep on going




for bringing me down to this earth 33 years ago Mom, if it not because of you I might turn to be a Plutonian or Satunarian, well who knows….


PS. Of course we fight too sometimes and that’s perfectly normal 🙂


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