Japan – Shinjuku


the lights/delight temptation @Shinjuku, Japan


We are back into the Tokyo and directly go to Shinjuku area. The bright night lamps from different kind of stores along the street were so colorful as we step in into the sidewalk entering deeper to the alley to find our dinner place. Shinjuku are famous as a commercial area including hotel, electronic store, camera shops, restauran, cinema, cafe and bars, and as we walk young man and girls full of style, while we are look like a grizzly bear, they just  – standing in front of the store to invite people in. Its a very very BRIGHT and alive area, you hardly call it a night if you see all the people gathering there.

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Japan – Gotemba

Yay, at last we have the Fuji on our background ;p

Continuing the journey from Narita, Tokyo – Fuji – Hakone Lake we aim to Gotemba which famous for its premium outlet, the ladies are anthusiastic to hear they have the chance to shopping on the first day, prepare the wallet girls!

The place is about 1.5-2.0 hours drive from Hakone Kojiri Terminal so we are arrived really close to the sunset, the sky are not bright but the combination of the colors between grey, orange and pink tone with the Fuji mountain behind make us setting another pose again for the group ‘aye again then’ Even though we took the picture in the parking lot, we do have the Fuji now 😀


AHOY, mission accomplished 🙂

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