Memory of Solo

Simbok Jamu @ Kauman Village, Solo, Oct 2010

Uhmm…. ini merupakan cicilan pertama dari hutang-hutang saya, maafkan saya nyaaah…. #koplak #shitnetron #galau

A couple months ago, I was screaming out loud when I received the hectic schedule. Well it doesn’t mean that I don’t like to go out side and travel but it just feel not a good time to travel with bunch of homework to do. Honestly I just don’t like to be called all the time when the work weren’t finish yet the phone will go on ring ring all the time asking bout the information that stuck on my cupboard or comp. files if you know what I mean, that would be disturbing rite ‘annoyed’

But well, at the end here I go again. I went early at the morning from Bogor to catch up my flight, I curled on the back seat of the taxi trying to fillin up my beauty sleep until I arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International airport. Enjoy some fastfood and a cup of coffee (to feed my dragon) at my fave corner, looking at the cloudy day and people with their suitcase hurrying up. Then once again the journey begins. The journey start with flight from Jakarta to Solo, a batik city which is very close to Jogja – Poo maapkeun nda bisa mampir yaaaaaa kemaren ituh.


Mama Paus sedang mencari tukang Gudeg @ Kauman Village, Solo - Oct 2010

Me and some other member of the team arrived in Adi Soemarno Airport, it’s a small one, and feels like a private airport. Our flight is the only flight arrived that morning, and as we waiting for mama paus filled complains for the broken luggage, the escalator was turn off – hey that’s a good way to save the energy, that way we could burn ours 🙂

We drag our luggage to the enourmously wide parking lot where our friend who stationed at Solo already waited for us. Uhmmm… before getting our lunch we need to squeezed ourselves nicely inside the silver avanza. Let me satisfied your imagination, there are 3 man, 4 woman and 6 luggages, and were proudly say that we are not small packages, we are special packages LOL. So… squezzed and tight we drove the way heading to the hotel at the center of the city, eventhough its not time for checkin yet, we need to create some space for lunch and kick our luggages out from the poor car.

Solo is a small town near Jogja, it is often called the brother city of Jogja due to their royal family blueblood relationship. If you ever visit Jogja, people will suggest you to go to Solo as well since its close and you will be able to shop in their famous Batik market which is Pasar Klewer. In Solo you’ll be easy to lookin up at the sky because there is not much tall building in the neighbourhood. The street is small (for some main street its definetely wide enough), clean and all the people along the way are extremely nice. The history of the Dutch colonialization was seen, the building shown some special characteristic of the typical Dutch house which is strong enough to hold on up until this moment.

Bebek Goreng Pak H. Slamet porsi ngamuk, Bogor, Jan 11

Okay, back to the lunch, for lunch that day we eat a very yummy fried duck at the famous Bebek Goreng H. Slamet. Each of us tried the main menu of the place which is the fried duck, completed with a small porsion of rice and a glass of cold beras kencur – a traditional herbal drink. Waktu itu nda sempet moto, makanya potonya comotan dari poto Bebek Goreng H. Slamet cabang Bogor aja ya (masih fresh from the oven kok alias belom seminggu ;p ). Bebeknya sama cuma porsi minumannya beda, di Solo sanah porsi minumnya porsi minum ngamuk, gelasnya gede banget booo… You hardly call it a restaurant since it was an old house that transform into a place for customer to eat, along the wall you can see photo of Indonesian celebrities who have been visit the place, signed and frame ^^ We might not have our photo shown there but the waiter might remember us well as a group who order another complete menu for the fried chicken after the fried duck session is finished 😀

After the lunch we went to Batik Center trade (Pusat Grosir Batik) near the traditional Batik market known Pasar Klewer, the building is consist from small shops with different batik vendor which offer you a lot of kind product in Batik theme, too bad we don’t have enough time to explore Pasar Klewer. If you ever visit here and have the whole day, my suggestion is you should spare time to look around for a while before you decided to buy any batik souvenirs, that way you’ll see much variation before you decided which one that you like and want to buy because too many cute things make you want to grab them all. We only have the time to look around at the first floor because since the store closing up around 5 pm we have to pick up one more friends who has the late flight at the airport. Window shopping and shop till you drop sessions are finished and almost all the member brought their new luggage. Stuffed from the mall, relaxing our feet for a while in the airport and then we directly went to another corner to close the day with Mi Godog. Ahahaha… Geng gembul is in action 😀

Pintu rumah jaman Belande, Kauman Village, Solo - Oct 2010

The second day in Solo is filled with the team meeting, so there is nothing much to say here. But at the afternoon me and the other girls was took a becak ride to Kauman Batik Village near our hotel, the place is not so crowded and most of the store is already closed except for the big corner. So again, we walk around to take a sneakpeak about the Batik village itself. There is one big store in the center of the village intersection that have so much batik collection, from printed to handmade batik, the price is varied from fifthy thousands until five millions rupiahs and moreee….  for special collection that kept inside the locked glass cupboard.

The store staff prohibited for us to take picture inside the store which has a traditional Javanese interior decoration inside a colonial house, but they allow us to take picture in the Batik Production area next to the store. Like the usual my obaasan camera wouldn’t work that well if I don’t have enough light around so after picking up some basic batik sheet for my kebaya, I was planning to comeback the next morning. For batik sheet with the standard size, the prize is fifty thousands rupiahs (compare with the price in Jakarta, that’s an awesome price and I get 7 with varied pattern!). Yay…. yay…. I’ll show you in other posting so I can show you the lovely pattern, the traditional one, the modern one, the mix bluring and the antique I have them all ho ho ho…. that’s is what I called smart shopping ‘flatter yourself after you shop till you drop is one best way to reduce the stress’ #selfnote #badfinancialreview #mumpungjalanjalan #eaa

Membatik, workshop behind the store, Kauman Village, Solo - Oct 2010


Printing the batik, Batik Workshop @ Kauman Village, Solo - Oct 2010

Inside the workshop, Kauman Batik Village, Solo - Oct 2010

Burning the pot to colored the batik, Kauman Batik Village, Solo - Oct 2010

washing process, Kauman Batik Village, Solo - Oct 2010

Natural material to colored the batik, Kauman Batik Village, Solo - Oct 2010


Kauman Village alley, Solo - Oct 2010

Then from Kauman Batik village we aim directly to Nasi Liwet Bu Wongso Lemu Asli that well known enough for culinary lovers. Asli mean original in Indonesian language, the owner add Asli on her sign board since there is so much food vendor with the same menu but different taste using the name to attract the customers especially for tourist who didn’t know which one is the origin one, lucky we have Hengki as our guide in Solo :). The place is on one side of the small street, from the moment we look around for the parking lot along the street we could see people are waiting to get their turn to get inside and have their dinner. The place is small, there are only few small and short simple tables with no chair, that mean you have to open your shoes or sandal and sit nicely on the plastic carpet that cover the whole floor. It is told that the menu which is nasi liwet is one of our former president favourite menues, so they put the picture of the president, also the newspaper cutted article on one of the board wall of the former president’s son framed to attract the customer.

The menu is served in folded banana leaf, you can hold it or use the rattan plate while you are eating. Nasi Liwet is another traditional food of Indonesia, it is rice cooked with santan – coconut milk and seasoning, served while it is warm with shredded chicken, cooked vegetable, boiled egg and eat by kerupuk (you can say it’s one kind of chrispy chips). For further reference you can see the picture here with the photograper’s blog in here and the review of the menu itself here. The taste is unique and you can enjoy the food while listened the song sang by a couple of singer next to the nasi liwet seller using traditional javanesse make up and dress. For the price of the menu, well the rate is kind of expensive for mostly Javanesse food, but I recommended you to at least try it once so you can say the taste is worthed the price 😀 saya tambo ciyek! dan ada yang tambo tigo sayang nda ada photonya karena tangannya sudah belepotan, tepatnya kerepotan memegang daun pisangnya takut nasinya tumplek hehehe…

It’s a beautiful night and once again we have a good time, spending the night with laughing all the way and stuffed ourself out with delicious food and its time to go home. In the next morning while the other friend went back home, me and mama panda still have a task to do, so we do still have a free time to explore back to Kauman Village in the morning, have another Javanesse breakfast on a street side tent with the menu so varied from fried fish-chicken-tofu-tempe-terong-bakwan-bacem-gudeg-krecek-pepes-jamur etc etc… most of the taste of the menu sweet like the traditional Javanesse cooking with so reasonable price. From Solo we went directly to Semarang to attend another occasion.

PS. not much photo from my obasan camera, its only work in BW when the light is not enough

10 thoughts on “Memory of Solo

  1. Pramex train runs almost every hour, connecting Solo & Yogyakarta. It is reliable, clean and convenient. Trip will took 1 hour

    Sayang ya fotonya item-putih doank :D. Ayo, beli camera baru 😀

    • Well, would love to run to Jogja as I wanted too but hardly to skip the group activity.

      Hubungan saya dengan kamera obaasan saya itu love&hate relationship, hate the batteries eater habbits but love the macro zoom (40x jeee). Udah ada inceran DSLR tapi nambahin lensa makronya itu yang mo bikin pengsan, doakan aku yaaa ‘takeshi castle mode on’ 😀

  2. Hai itik kecil .. . it’s been a long time since I visit your blog.
    Kayaknya kita berdua pergi ke kampung yang sama, Kauman. Solo memang menyenangkan, jadi kepingin balik lagi kesana …

    BTW, disana makan bebek yang di belakang kraton gak ?

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