Love… love… love…

my '6 forks stuck in head' merlion

Out of the blue someone was stopping by and talking about love, advicing me (you are a girl, see the family, remember your age…haish). I know time passed by so fast, but is it valentine already? errr…. but in some words he say something nice. ‘If it is for a date, choose someone who loved you more. But if it is for live, find someone that you loved, because it wouldn’t be easy to spend the rest of your life with someone that you don’t love’. That’s deep….

Well, if it talking about love, love is the feeling that transformed into so many ways, perform in so amazingly countless way too rite?! and the mumbling continues….

I love you!


‘please understand the silent sometimes indicated shyness for some people, except if their eyes were popped out, the face start to grin and do some lip smacking’ yup you can observed that in monkeys, that mean they accept your love (read: dominancy)

I love you!

I… eeeh… ‘shaking head confused’

‘lack of expressive, happen often in people who didn’t eat breakfast, they confused to respond or order the menu at lunch when the statement popped out’

I love you!

I love you too hon! ‘chu…chu… chu…’

‘aaahh…of course this might be the one close to ideal or mutual simbiosm of the same expressions’

I love you! then… POOF! he just disappeared just like an expert magician.

‘leaving somewhat proof under the tshirt’  please watch Juno to find the kind of proof

I love you! but I cant be with you no more ‘dragging bag out of the room’

‘forgot the movie’

I love you! but I do love my mom more and she just don’t love you at all, sorry

‘somewhat called friends experience’  a very lowsy way for breakin up huh?!

I love you!

Oh.. do you? thank you… I love you too

‘that is the kind of love for some people who just need to reassured all the time, just do that like paying monthly insurance to keep up with the relationship till the pension time’

I love you!

I love you more more and more hon!

‘a couple who think their love relationship is a competition’

I love you!

I will love you too if you buy me that necklace hon!

‘love relationship based on term and condition fulfilled’ kawin kontrak??!

I love you!

uhm…do I love you too?

‘perhaps its a love expression between a doctor and an amnesia person’

I love you!


‘love happen between two stranger who didn’t even speak the same language, uhmmm… I wonder wether body language could be count on for this case’

See?! I told you that’s there are bunch of ways for that feeling.

Well to complete one of the kind of love perform, my ‘I love you’ goes with the cute monkey doll that can say those words for me when she got a little pinch in the stomach (well it might takes a punch to pull the words directly if you want to hear me saying the love words) uhmm… I hope he could understand that I’m as a shy as a monkey for certain conditions (just accep it guys, we are more than 90% are similars with the monkeys). Do read the literatures before you complain please!

Now I wonder wether he ever pinch the monkey??? yay…

The person that I love?

Well, he just an ordinary guy which has become an extraordinary person in my life. Someone who could stand next to me will definetelly a very kind and (have tons of) patience man if you know me rite? ^^ Someone who gave me a merlion (and the funny thing is he didnt know its not a casual merlion statue, it’s a merlion with six forks stick inside merlion’s head, the same way like he stuck inside my head now lol, ah how i miss him).

It was love?

It was

So what this posting all about?

eh… love is it?  

‘yay my other written mumble jumble, nothing to be proud of huh?’

for the person who change my life completely, arigato

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