Dinner with Ebet

inside the night train from PoCin to Bogor

It is been weeks ago since the last time I took the nite train. I remember that day I need to work on some urgent document for other department so I ended up at the office on the weekend. The heat on the outside is unbearable, completed with the gas pollution from the crowded public transportation along jalan Raya Bogor towards Kampung Rambutan bus terminal. And I just feel like moving to another big sauna room when I realized that the air conditioner inside the room has been turn off during the weekend. At that time I was thinking I’m having a bad weekend but at the end of the day when I was told my friend I’m at the office we ended up planning to get a culinary trip that night after I finish my work.

pojokan Es Pocong ‘poto hasil ngegugling’

Es Pocong yang ternyata penampilannya tidak menakutkan 'poto comotan'

So that afternoon I climb up to one of the angkot 112 from jalan raya towards Depok, stop at Kober near by the Indonesia University where I shall see my friend, Ebet at Es Pocong. It is a small café tent which sell a tempe mendoan (a fried tempe coated with floured and seasons, much more known in Central Java). Tempe mendoan is fried fluffy coated and not crispy but the taste is yummy…. I got one on my bamboo plate, then I have another one….serbuuuuu. Chewing the fried tempe after pouring it with black sweet ketchup (opo toh jeneng injlise kecap manis? ;p ) added with cutted chilies (cabe rawit ngono maksute). Yumm yummm….. The food price range from 1.000 -5.000 rupiah, ngabisin 10 rebu itu pokoknya udah kenyang banget deh di sini. Gambar gerobak dari sini sementara poto es pocong saya comot dari sini.

After tasting the appetizer at Es Pocong, we rode the motorbike under the rain move to another spot to have the real dinner ‘Mang Engking’ at University of Indonesia campus area as our next target. My favourite menu is shrimp, anything with shrimp and spicy that I found would be the menu of the day so I order a barbecue shrimp with Padang sauce. Since Ebet is a fish lover, he order a fried gurame fish with sambal cobek. For the vegetables we add cah kangkung, Both of us have a hot tea to closed the order.

'Mang Engking' - poto jepretan Ebet

The place itself is kinda crowded that night, and we were choosing one of the tables under the bamboo rooftop near by the fish pool and the park. It’s a cozy spot except for the mosquitos lol. Then in a middle of the conversation a bucket of rice arrived on our table, followed with the shrimp, kangkung, the fish and sambal cobek. Penampakan sambal cobeknya jauh dari yang dibayangin, pertama sambalnya ga disajiin di atas cobek, kedua sambalnya cair banget, ketiga, sambel kok nda pedes to yooohhh… huhuhu…. enak sih ada rasa jahe-jahenya tapi rasanya kurang nendang buat ngelengkapin makan malem itu. Setelah sepakat yakin salah pesen sambel, kita akhirnya memutuskan pesen sambel jenis laen yang paling pedes, sayang potonya nda ada karena waktu itu tangannya udah pada belepotan semua untuk menjepret sambel di tengah-tengah pertempuran antara Ebet melawan si gurame hehehehe…. the price is a bit expensive for our daily dinner pocket but the taste is delicious.

la la la lets go home.....

We have a good food, good time and good cozy night weather until its time for me to go home. Ebet rode me back to Po-Cin station to catch up the last train to Bogor. And there I am awake, watching the sleepy passenger and when the situation is not so crowd I could see the hand hangers lining from one compartment to others just too good to be passing out without clicking the shutter. So as the usual, I hope you could enjoy the pic ^^

12 thoughts on “Dinner with Ebet

  1. es pocong kaya kolak pisang dikasih sirup gitu ya?
    ga ada mirip2nya ama pocong deh hehe

    kecap manis itu bukan sweet soy sauce ya? ketchup kayanya saos tomat, bukan kecap :p

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