Beaches of Uluwatu: Dreamland, Padang-padang & Blue Point

Waiting for the sunset @ Dreamland, Uluwatu, Bali - Summer 2009

waiting for the sunset @ Dreamland, Uluwatu, Bali - Summer 2009

Errrr….. I’m still trying to finish this summer report so let’s continue the journey now (n_n)

At one beautiful day among the summer in Denpasar, me and Anna decided to visit the beaches at Uluwatu. After get our breakfast, we packed our clothes and water inside my backpack, re-fuell the motorbike and we’re back on the road. We’re passing the mainstreet from Renon to Denpasar, then aimed down to the south at the edge of the city. The street towards Uluwatu is an up-hill one, definetelly really hot and tanned my skin at that moment but with tremendous view of the kapuk trees along the side ways that ready to be harvest. Passing GWK gate we still climb up again, stop at the bridge to enjoy the view of Padang-padang beach then go up again to Blue Point beach. On our way, I’ve seen a few backpacker cottages in some spot with bunch of surfer hangin on the small café. One thing for sure, it’s kinda difficult to go to this place with a public transportation since I don’t see any, most of the tourist usually rode a motorbike or car rent.

Steppin down to the beach @ Blue Point, Uluwatu
Steppin down on to the beach @Blue point, Uluwatu – Summer 2009


super bazookaaa LOL - Blue point, Uluwatu

Its a pipe, its a telescope, its a bazooka ;p

Blue point 3

Riding a wave @ Blue point, Uluwatu, Bali - Summer 2009


Blue point 2

under the bamboo hut on top of the Blue point reef, Uluwatu

Blue point 6

i'm here 'before smack down by the wave'


Arrived on the Blue Point beach, after parking the motor bike, we walk down towards the beach down the reef. On a half way I could see the crowd café lining along the down side walk. The huts with bamboo rooftop coverin tourist which are hiding from the heat and enjoying the massage service from the local people. There is a photo shop too for the surfers who wants to have their action captured when they riding the wave. I walk down the stairs, approaching the beach edge with a very tempting big wave among the surfers with their boards, there are a casual tourists too like me who didn’t surf but did enjoying the view.

Padang padang beach

Padang-padang beach from the bridge, Uluwatu


I love to go to the beach very much, feeling the texture of the sand under my foot, or the end of the beating wave round circle my feet. I would love to jump into the water and playing with the wave if I don’t bring my backpack and busy zooming with my cam until I got smack by a big wave under the big hole reef and start running to a dry place to throw out all the batteries I keep inside my postman bag that I sling along on my hips huff…huff… Lucky enough I keep them in a small purse that usually use to keep a cell phone with three pocket and wrapped them with plastic, I just can’t save my small notebook that I used to stuffed on my bag corner everywhere I travel. Stupid me, I just way too enjoyed the wave brushing over my feet and really don’t see its coming and smack a half body of us in a sudden. Well yeah though it spill over my wallet at least it don’t ruin all the cards I put inside. Lesson learn! lol


After we got smacked by the big wave and have dried anything we need to dried, I climb up at one big separated reef with bamboo hut in the middle of it using a wooden tine stairs and WOW I found this super telescope camera lol I realy envy the lens to get a clearer view of the surfer in the middle of the big wave, the others photo lovers even jealous to this lens too as you can see in here lol. The strong sunlight at that time is creating a limited space under the hut, so not much that I get from my practicing. Playing with the shadows and the BW tone to reduce the effect of the strong sunlight we climb up back to the park area and turn on the motorbike downhill to Dreamland, another part of the Uluwatu beach shore.


There is no easy way to reach Dreamland from the main street of Uluwatu, it’s quite a distance from the main gate till the parking lot, passing a quiet and an elite estate. The parking lot itself is still a rough street beside Klapa- a new restaurant café which owned by a son of our former president. The sun is much more friendly when we arrive on Dreamland beach.

dreamland 3

Wave catchers @ Dreamland, Uluwatu, Bali - Summer 2009


Compare to Blue Point and Padang-padang beach, Dreamland is the most crowded that day, might be because its closer from Denpasar, the facility, the flat sidewalk to the beach or because of its famous wave. From the parking lot we walk following the sidewalk toward the beach and there it is the beach, no climb up, no long stair, just a flat walk hehehe…. We rent a couple’s chair under the beach umbrella for 50.000 rupiahs to lay down and waiting for the sunset. Anna keep herself busy with a massage service and I walking around, enjoying the view with my cam – this time I leave all the other things with Anna. When I couldn’t hold myself not to play with the wave, I packed my camera and running to the wave with my bathing suit joining the crowd of the wave catcher along the beach hahahaha…… Then after got smacked down many time by the wave and hardly get a chance to sneakin into the center of the sea and swim, I’m crawl back to the umbrella and enjoying the afternoon waiting for the sunset.


The splash of pinky orange reflection on the far sea is alarming that the sunset will arrive soon at Dreamland. It sure does describe a land of dream when at last the sunset is arrived. Enjoy the pics guys.

dreamland 1

Susnset @ Dreamland, Uluwatu, Bali - Summer 2009



PS. You can find other photo from the journey in here, just search the page because it keeps on movin.




15 thoughts on “Beaches of Uluwatu: Dreamland, Padang-padang & Blue Point

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  3. Dreamland, one of my favorite beaches at Bali. Selalu harus menyempatkan diri ke sana setiap berkunjung ke Bali…. Foto-nya keren euy…. 🙂

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