Finger Print Painting Museum

A part of teh finger print paiinting of a balinesse dancer - Bali

A part of the finger print painting of a balinesse dancer - Bali

During the holiday, I stayed at Anna’s place, an old high school friend who lives around Renon. The next day after I get enough rest, I walk along Hayam Wuruk street trying to enjoy the summer sun but when it got too hot I hide myself into Togamas bookstore and grab ‘A witch from Portobello, one of Paul Coelho’s book – haish I just cant get away from book huh. I also contact another long time no see blogger friend, Bowo which kindly enough to accompany me to Sanur that afternoon. While waiting for Bowo, I was tempting to visit the Finger Print Painting Museum beside the Togamas bookstore. There is no ticket fee to enter the museum so people could enter the museum freely but they provide a donation box for all the people who wants to donate to support the museum.


The Finger Print Painting Museum collections is own by I Ngurah Gede Pemecutan, a very talented painter which known internationally. The museum itself was build beside his house along with a small place for Bali traditional course behind the museum and the main house. The inner garden is completed with a stone table along with the chairs, decorated with Balinesse statue and hangin bells. In some corner the painter is writing along his poem on a ceramic so people could read and get inspired because of it. That way people could feel comfortable and have a good view while they were reading a book.

The re-new museum gate

The re-new museum gate

Sija 38 

Sija 30

Sija 34

I took a walk across the green garden into the museum, the first room is full of painting tools and some painting when I Ngurah Made Pemecutan was still young. The lightning inside the show room is directly from the sunlight through the open windows along the walls, the main door is left open leaving a welcome warmth. At the second room the walls is crowded with finger prints painting in completion process and at the third room which larger than the first and the second room all the painting is totally a finger print one in a large size, full of colours, from the dazzling one until the relaxing soft tone. There is a woman as a museum guide, I ask her couple of question about the painting but when she felt I was trying to enjoy the moment with the painting she left me all alone inside with the camera.

 Sija 28

Sija 1

Sija 16

Sija 6

One thing for sure, this is one spot you shouldn’t missed if you visit Renon – Denpasar, Bali.


Finger Print Painting Museum – Ngurah Gede Pemecutan Jl. Hayam Wuruk 175/201, Bali 

Enjoy the pics ^^


4 thoughts on “Finger Print Painting Museum

    • bedarah2 sih enggak ru, mungkin sampe matanya minus kali ya, karena ada satu lukisan yang di pojok tuh yang warnanya cokelat2 yang judulnya perang puputan, bikinnya 2 tahunan bo, dengan detail yang so amazinglah, kalo iso ta sekan ta sekan deh, buat belajar ngelukisnya, what a talent ^^

      we shall be proud, because he is Indonesian, yang bikin sedih di buku tamunya itu sedikit sekali nama turis lokal yang berkunjung kalo dibandingin para turis internasional. ‘pecur ruru’ hayo sanah mampir

    • Aw, thank you for stoppin by dear. Its a small cozy museum next to the book store, people might not notice there was a museum inside.

      If you like the art, I recommended you to visit this spot ^^

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