Summer of 2009: Bogor – Jakarta – Yogyakarta

pulang ke kota muuuuuu...... - Kla project

pulang ke kota muuuuuu...... - Kla project

The summer journey start after I finish my third contract where I still have a few days from my annual leave plus two weeks leave noticed before I’m ready to sign another one. An exhausted world yet at the same time it is so enchanted with its complexity inside. You can say it’s a crazy world but it was also a comfort zone for the last couple of years. Hypnotizing me like a hibernated bear that lazy enough to move on, hahaha… that’s me. This year when my number reach 30, I have to change my priority and aimed at a better self improvement, concentrate much more in my career. I guess this effect me much than I could accept because I gotta re-numbered the things I really want to do, put aside some of my dreams that seems didn’t have the same path with the work line. Reality bites huh!   


Anyway, like the usual I always try to get myself a nice cozy holiday every year to keep myself sane, to winding up a bit and reduce my brain temperature. Travellin makes me got a chance to see new faces and appreciate things much better than just the ordinary days in this hectic world of mine when the pace is getting faster, faster and faster each day. Travellin it’s a way to recharge my soul. Might hardly call it a cozy trip since I’m travellin with a low budget, leavin the track with only my mountain sandals, couple of shirt and short inside my fave backpack that have accompany me for more than 5 years. The new member along in the journey is my camera that I sling along my shoulder in my green postman bag.


The journey starts from Bogor in one late afternoon, with 2.500 rupiahs using an economical train I’m headed to Manggarai station in Jakarta. Then I bought another train ticket from Jakarta to Solo Jebres that pass by Yogyakarta which became my destination. With 35.000 rupiahs, the original price is 38.000 rupiahs but the man on the locket gave a 3.000 discount for a standing ticket. This mean I don’t get any seats number since the train is full but I thought I could seat using my backpack on the hallway between seats later, so this was clear.


I walk around the peron with my ciggy on my hands and a sleep killer beats on my earphone waiting for the train to arrived at 20.00 pm. This time is much better its only 30 minutes late from the schedule. All the passengers were loading their baggage inside as soon as they can, it was a week before the feasting start so most of them goin home to pray for their parents or family. The train starts to move leaving Manggarai station towards Jatinegara station to pick up another passenger. I was sitting on an empty bench waiting for some passenger to claim it with its ticket, I could not seat on the alley anyway if the passenger haven’t fully loaded into the train yet. While waiting I talk with a young man in front of the seat, like me he didn’t get a seats number so that mean both of us will sit on the train floor soon. Somehow I just glad to get a companion to share a floor with hahaha….


The train is start getting crowded from each stations and we getting aside to the floor soon but there was a nice old man that share his narrow seats with us, AHA lucky me! ^^ Passengers inside the train flooded the train’s floor and the train compartment has turn into a smoke chamber by midnite. Hot drink and food sellers walk around among the passengers from compartment to other compartment and I spend the time talking with the old man till he fall asleep with his head tilted to the window. It’s close enough to the morning so I decided not to sleep, listening to the music and wait patiently to get my breakfast which is pecel kecombrang from Purwokerto station yumm yummm…. for some people they don’t like the bitter taste of the kecombrang flower, but I do like it anyway its like a food once a year you can have so you better taste it when you get a chance ^^ its only 4.000 per banana leafs – they use the folded banana leaf as the plate.


After I finished my breakfast, the sunlite start lighten up the train, the windows shown a beautiful green paddy field along the railway, village houses, and children in the uniform riding their bike chasing a time to go to school and soon I feelin so gratefull that I arrived in Lempuyangan station at Yogyakarta alive, safe from the smoke chamber hahahaha…. smelly for sure that’s why I contact my lovely Poo hohohoho…..


dede Sellllaaaaaa.......

dede Sellllaaaaaa.......


So before someone kidnapped me at Lempuyangan station, Poo arrived fast enough and bring me to her house as requested. Sempet nyoto di pinggir jalan tapi uenak tenan dan murmer, lupa aku namanya jeng….. Soon I hijack her bathroom and want to kidnap dede Sella (tetepppp!!!) the cutie little angel that been growin up so fast since the last time I saw her apalagi Poo-nya pergi kerja. Tapi sebelom niat itu terlaksana, bebi siter si dede keburu dateng dan membawa si dede pergi huhuhu….


to be continued…….

6 thoughts on “Summer of 2009: Bogor – Jakarta – Yogyakarta

  1. well… i haven’t seen dede sella yet, since she was unborn when i got there huhuhuuhu….

    mmm…. this story gimme an idea..
    hayukk taun depan travelling bakcpackerann lg… heheheh…

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