Defining happiness

There was a man….

‘hummm…. this is not a romantic kinda story so kick out those tissue away guys hehehe….’


This man is one of my senior in a place where I spend routinely 5 days a week and he almost always mention that you should be like this, like that, more girly and so on. Well, I’m trying to think it positively since he is a father of a teenage daughter and I’m thankfull for the affection and attention that he share to almost all of us terutama buat para single fighter apalagi yang tipe cuek bebek kaya saya.


But when he said it too often, I get overdosed. Anyway it just his words against my life and he practically don’t know me that much. Being happy is not mean wearing branded things so you can show off to other people, having credit cards so you can go to those expensive places and shopping on the mall every days on the weekend. Its definetelly not fits me. I do realize that make-up did could make you look better but it couldn’t make you happy.  

look like this one when I'm cloudy (pics from uncle google)

look like this one when I'm cloudy (pics from uncle google)



For some reasons there were moments I became such a cloudy person, disappointed for things not always work like the way I want them to be but come on, that’s life, you need to try & work harder if you want to achieve something rite? Though I’m not laughing out loud everyday I’m happy with my life. Wind will blowin out those clouds. And eventhough it is not an easy thing to do, I try to count my blessings everyday. Trying to remind myself for being gratefull for all the chances I’ve got in life.


He doesn’t have to understand all the things I do or every decision that I’ve made in my life since his defining of happiness is not equal to mine. I just hope that he could accept me for what I am without comparing with who I should be like.


Spending time with people that I care; playing with dogs and puppies; walking around the town tasting the culinary; sitting on the corner of my room with couple of new book and litres of coffee nor hugging – hummm it more like burried myself among my pillows until the sun is shinning high in the weekend, having my SE Z350i, goin to the beach, coloring my hair, smelling the humid soil after the rain definetelly already could make me smile and happy.

I'm happy just like this (pic from uncle google)

I'm happy just like this (pic from uncle google)



In other words, defining happiness for me is the comfortable feeling in the things I do.


What about you?

Kindly define you own happiness…



17 thoughts on “Defining happiness

  1. I just hope that he could accept me for what I am without comparing with who I should be like.

    woks… pasti seneng banget kl ada orang yg mau nerima kita apa ya mpok… gimana kl itu hal2 jelek dan saran orang lebih bae.. kdg2 kan kita suka ga nyadar juga..

  2. Iya nih, lg happy karena laptop n kamera baru ya jeng sella 😀

    For me, right now happiness if my current project done. And I can go to bed early after drinking hot cappucino listening to Smoma’s song. Of course, a little drips of rain outside is acceptable 😀

  3. waktu gw bisa ktemu temen2 gw, setiap wiken dimana gw bisa bawa oleh2 makanan buat orang rumah, ketika gw bisa beli buku baru, ketika tabungan gw dah cukup untuk melakukan perjalanan berpetualang lagi, hehehe
    apalagi yah?

  4. Kebahagiaan itu..

    saat gw uda bebas ga nyari arti dari kebahagiaan itu sendiri? saat bebas ga cemas untuk kehilangan kebahagiaan itu sendiri, saat bebas tidak takut akan apapun, cuma hari ini dan hari esok…

    *yaaah susa*

  5. kebahagiaan itu…

    1. ketika dede Anggit memandangiku begitu dia bangun pagi trus minta susu… 😀
    2. ketika dede Anggit berceloteh dan ketawa ketiwi
    3. ketika aku bisa beliin pampers, susu dan semua kebutuhannya walopun musti berdarah2 bekerja *lebay*
    4.ketika aku udah meninggalkan ruang periksa bidan setelah dede Anggit diimunisasi 😀 secara… bener2 ga tega ketika jarum2 itu menghujam *halah*
    5.ketika aku bisa menyelesaikan semua tugasku…
    6. ketika aku menerima upahku 😆

    banyak!! ^^

  6. I like this:

    I do realize that make-up did could make you look better but it couldn’t make you happy.

    Even pretty girls got into their broken-heart mode every once and a while.

  7. dont limit yourself to match anyone’s definiton.
    you can paint whatever picture.
    just make sure that the picture that every line drawn reflecting the life that you loved and not the existence that you hated

  8. @ Uya : ya eyalah….. ‘peyuk peyuk’

    @ Nai-chan : i’m trying to separated my professional & my private life, the things he always commented on me is not dealing with my work, 3 tahun gue dikomenin mulu tapi terus dikontrak? yang gila gue apa dia ya? dua-duanya kaenya ‘nyadar diri’ hehehehe

    untung lagi hepi karena ada si acer ma canon ^^

    @ Ries : ho oh hepi aye euy… ^^

    @ neng Fey : yup, thats rite, banyak hal-hal kecil yang udah bikin kita seneng kan ^^

    @ Eru : hepinya ruru mah pake mikir ‘males mikir’ hehehehe

    @ mpok Carra : ‘peyuk peyuk’ ai nu ai nu….

    @ Hanny : thats rite girl, jangan lupa kirim invitationnya kalo udah jadi ya ‘masih gosok gosip mode on’ hehehehe

    @ Ezra : yeaaahhh… I have my own pictures, its just that someone wants to change the colors, the size, the frame, thats why…
    aahhh postingan di atas hanya sekedar curhatan kok ^^ matur nuwun wis mampir yo

  9. As days have its most shining time and cloudy moment, either with make-up or plain, surely you are a bloom within.

    Glad to read that you are now in the happiest time.. Hugs from West Africa.

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