Kasongan Pottery Center in Yogyakarta

Loro Blonyo from Kasongan

Loro Blonyo from Kasongan


From Roro Jonggrang Batik House, we drove away to Bantul area, to Kasongan. Kasongan itself is known as a center for clay pottery art and has become one of the tour destinations in Yogyakarta. For Kasongan history you could read it in here.


The buss passing the wide main street completed with the green field view almost along the way. The last turn took us to smaller main streets where the ceramics and pottery store lining on both sides waiting for customers.


The bus park on the large intersection, under the big tree, trying to hide from the unbearable heat at that time and once again I’m free, away from the crowd. I took a walk from one shop to another, just to look around and took some pictures with my SE Z350i. Some of the shops were completed with the workshop where you can see the production process.  


The ceramic or pottery sold are refer to house accessories, garden exterior, wedding souvenirs, all provided in different kind of design and completed with others batik souvenirs from Central Java. The famous ceramic from kasongan known as Loro Blonyo, it is a couple ceramic, a bride and groom (Loro means two in Javanese language) – I found them in different kind of pose and size, much bigger than the last time I saw in Mirota Batik

my favorite, natural clay colors, Kasongan - Yogyakarta

my favorite, natural clay colors, Kasongan - Yogyakarta

. I see plates, mug, kitchen house hold equipment (which still used by traditional people to cook). I also recognized Bali souvenirs in one of the shop (they have their unique design) and at the end I realized it was a ceramic branch shop from Bali trying their luck in Kasongan.



The good information for you ‘ceramics-shoppingkongkolix’ is the prices in Kasongan are crazily cheap enough to decorate your house without making you bankrupt. And they also give delivery service with some additional fee. Just make sure, you write your address correctly.


Okay, enjoy the pics ya.


12 thoughts on “Kasongan Pottery Center in Yogyakarta

  1. @ Ulan : iya jeng, laporannya agak telat tapinya ^^

    @ uya onde : tatap aja terus yeeee…. kekekekek

    @ mpok Carra : anduk itu jadi koleksi pribadi ajah, blom keburu ku post dirimu sudah ngepost poto dede yang baru
    ‘merasa posannya bakalan basbang kalo jadi di pos’ kekekeke

    @ Maureen : Wow, thank you for the compliment dear. feel free to stop by okay ^^

    @ Daniel : visit Jogjah!!!

    @ neng Fey : rasanya cuma lu doang yang bilang begitu, kalo bule yang baca mungkin dibilang amburadul ye kekekekeke
    ‘kasih tissue’

    @ Jeng Femi : jeng jeng ke kasongan dong jeng ^^

    @ Matt : Your welcome Matt, keep on nomadic remember?!

    @ Ichanx : TUNG TUNG TUNG!!!!!
    “pentung karena Ichanx suka boong’

    @ Ezra : wwooooohhh wong jogjah toohhh
    ‘satu lagi tebengan nginep dot com’ hahahaha

  2. Dear sir,
    Please send me more picture of all type kasongan pruduct.

    I am a wholeseller.
    Terima kasih,

    Henrie Harsono

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