Denpasar – Yogyakarta

My summer holiday is almost end, and I decided to go back to Yogyakarta by Safari Dharma Raya bus. The ticket’s price is 215.000 rupiahs. Imoel drove me to Ubung bus station in Denpasar and waiting until the bus drove away. This time no rubber watch, it leaves at 14.30 pm based on its schedule. Ah another journey to go home. The bus’s seat is comfortable enough and I sat next to the window so I could watch all the view outside. The city crowd disappear fastly replacing by villages and grass field. By the time we were reached Negara I could smell and see the ocean, far at end of the paddy field and soon the bus entering the Gilimanuk port.


Gilimanuk di sore hari

Gilimanuk di sore hari

The port itself wasn’t so crowded and our bus soon park inside the ferry. All of the passengers went out from the bus to enjoy the view from the top while waiting for the ferry to sail, including me. Most of all I want to see the coin catcher, curios enough since I’ve once watch it from TV a long long time ago. The children are gonna jump to get the coin that been throw away to the sea, it is just like when you play with your friends, throwing a small rock into the pool and you dive to get it. I kinda amazed when I watch the show since I only able to do it in a pool, not the sea.


the coin jumpers

the coin jumpers




And there they are, on top of the ferry but the things are different from the show. There were no children, only young man. And they were asking us the passengers a thousand rupiahs for a jump into the sea. Gyahahaha… I know I shouldn’t believe a TV. I guess not only me who think that way because there is an old man who was trying to make sure the catcher jump by throwing out his coins to the sea. But when the man has throwing out the coin, the catcthers were not interested at all to jump to the sea to catch the coin. Well who want its? Even though we were still on the port, it’s late afternoon, the water is dark and cold, it’s kind of windy, and the coin is small. It is not enough to buy a flu medicine, get the point? Some of them did jump into the sea after they’d collecting enough cash from the passengers. In this case you pay to see a summersalt show *sigh*. We laugh tough seeing their jumping style because at the end they have to jump anyway when the ferry start to move away from Gilimanuk to Ketapang port.


on top of the ferry

on top of the ferry




Approaching Ketapang, the wave starts shaking the ferry and silent the passengers but we do arrived safely. I watch the night through the window and the last thing I remember is passing through Banyuwangi before I fall asleep, exhausted enough. We stop for a midnight meal in one of city in East Java (hardly to read any sign board when my eyelids glued to each others) then we go back on track to Yogyakarta. I curled on the seats with my sweater and once again I fall asleep.


I wake up when the bus passing through Solo early in the morning. The city is awake already, people lining on their’s bicycle or motorbike on the streets. Children are in their uniform. And in a while, I arrived in Yogya, once again back to Seturan.


19 thoughts on “Denpasar – Yogyakarta

  1. We stop for a midnight meal in one of city in East Java (hardly to read any sign board when my eyelids glued to each others)

    biasanya siy di ngawi tuh… 😀

  2. Hummm….

    Stiap masuk ke sini, penyakit malas akut dan oon mendadak ku KUMAT. Linggis lagih linggis lagih, bete bete bete aaah….

    *mengasiani diri sendiri*

  3. must be cute seeing this panda fell a sleep on bus couch ^^
    * dicakar *

    btw nice pictures, all give a certain dramatic touch.
    very nice sense of art the photographer have
    saluttt !!!!!

  4. @ Carra : wah wah…. percaya aja deh sama mantan kondektur gyahaahaha

    @ Bowo : *timpuk pake linggis sekaliyan*

    @ Michan : *sogok Michan pake belimbing*

    @ Atrix : itu coin jumpernya Nov, siyap siyap lompat dia

    @ Jingga bel : ahhh, masih jauh jeng perjalanan, aku masih moto yang eye catching aja pake hape doang ^^

  5. Dear Ansella,
    I need info about the bus, from Denpasar to Yogyakarta, could u please inform me?
    I want to know the bus name, the office and how much it is. Thank u so much in advanced.

  6. Dear Natasha,
    Its Safari Dharma Raya bus, the price is depends on the season but it range between 215.000 – 250.000 rupiahs. You could go directly to Ubung bus terminal and bought the ticket there.

    I hope this information could help ^^

  7. Hey there, I’m a 24 year old girl from the Netherlands (Amsterdam) saw your blog and have 3 questions about the bus to Borobudur. Booked a ticket for Indonesia in April 🙂

    – what was the duration of the trip

    – is it safe to do the bus trip as a girl alone

    – how much does it cost 215.000 rupiahs and that’s a one way ticket?

    Can you e-mail me?
    This would be so great!!!

  8. Dear Ansella,
    Thank u so much for the information, and i am sorry i just find out about your reply after the blog inform me that there’s another comment on your blog.
    But the info really helps. Thank you.
    I want to be your friend if it’s ok with u, i will give u my email address later. Thank’s again

  9. @Maryke :
    Denpasar – Yogyakarta by bus will take about 16 hours while Jakarta – Yogyakarta will take about 12 hours. Both of the duration including with one stop for dinner.

    What is the consideration for your trip? because that would affect you to decide the transportation that you’ll take dear.

  10. hello ansella , how nice you emailed me back so soon thank you. i want to go for a holiday i can stay 6 days in denpasar and 3 days in yogyakarta …………or jakarta 6 days. i would like to go to a beautiful place and i like to see the big buddhist monument in borobudur …………i can only stay at a hyatt hotel ………..wich is the nicest place to go to ? weve got 12 days in indonesia can stay 3 days at a time in a hyatt hotel ……….kind regards maryke

  11. Hello Ansella,

    I am planning a trip to Indonesia for this summer and I found your blog very interesting and helpful!

    I just have a few questions I would love you to help me with…
    I am going to the Borobudur and I have to be in Denpassar the next day. Do you know where can I chack time schedule from Jog-Denpassar? Do you think that I should book in advance?

    Thanks a lot for your help!!

    Best Regards!

  12. Hey Alex, good to know that this could be useful for you. For your travelling plan, go to Borobudur early in the morning so you could have couple of hours rest time before continue the journey to Denpasar at the same day (late afternoon) or you can go to Denpasar the next morning by flight which is take only an hour.

    I suggest you start looking for the flight schedulle from Yogyakarta to Bali which is as you know its gonna be a summer holiday and people go for holiday at the same time.

    Book in advance is necessary if you really tight with your schedulle and have an important appointment, try search ticket by; mandala airlines; garuda.

    I hope this could help. ^^
    Just ask if you need more info

  13. Ansella,
    This brought back memories of taking the same bus route ten years ago. Thank you.

    My sepupu perempuan, is organising a ten day Bali to Jakarta journey for this summer, and I was wondering how she might book bus travel with SDR bus company, and how reliably they stick to schedule, in your opinion?
    Did you book yourself? or just expect that there would be ruang cukup?

    Terima Kasih atas bantuan apa saja yg bisa dikasih.


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