The 2nd day in Jogja

I wake up early at the morning, listening to Puput a 3 years old girl, Mas Agung and Mbak Iin’s daughter prepared in her uniform to go to the kindergarten school in front of the house. She looks so cute in her new uniform. And there is Dita, an 8 months old baby girl, Mas Didik and Mbak Ita’s daughter who really attached with her grandfather. Aaaah they were so cute, sayang yang mau nempel cuma Puput, saya belum berhasil menggendong Dita *doakan saya supaya berhasil ya – Takeshi Castle mode on*


Poto para putri dari Seturan itu menyusul ya *dilarang keras protes*



At noon, I went back to Malioboro with Toko. We park his motorcycle @ Amplas parking area then took a 1A trans-Jogja route like the one I had the other day. We were walking along the street toward Mirota Batik and Beringhardjo market. Toko definetelly became model of the day gyahahaha I’m making out a catalog for Mirota Batik for free niy.


Then we have lunch at Nyonya Kamto with its famous pempek menu before continue the tour. We walk through the Vredeburg castle gate, the big intersection with the old white main post office, towards the old Shopping are where it use to sell used books that already rebuild into Taman Pintar.


5 thoughts on “The 2nd day in Jogja

  1. @ Carra : iya ya…rodo lali ki nulis’e kesuwian yo, ta link ke tempatmu aja ya jeng

    @ Mi-chan : ya Mimi kok ketularan para tukang protes itu sih?

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