Taman Pintar

In my opinion Taman Pintar was build (and still build) as a scientific park for children. The park outside the main building is a playing area, completed with playing tools such as the drum wall and satellite imitation with some short explanation board for children and air mancur joged (aaahh, couldn’t find the word in English guys, sumimasen). With 3.000 rupiahs ticket’s price for adult (+19) we could enter the main building. The freshwater fish aquarium was the first thing I see when we step into the building, the half tunnel aquarium led us to a giant Tyranosaurus Rex (T-rex) and of course as model of the day, I told Toko to take a pose under the dino hehehe….




Then there was also a computer simulation game for a prehistorical human along with its mannequin figure on the next side of the main hall. The main hall itself is circle shaped, with some of aeroplane miniatures on the center of the floor. The side walk was circling around the circle with pictures and information about the planet towards to the second floor. There were only 8 planets now, Pluto was expelled. The planets composition was hang above attached to the ceiling of the main hall, above the miniatures aeroplanes.


On the second floor we still found some of computer simulation for children about planets, geographic computer with google earth mapping, a few scientific equipments such as electricity panel with pedal, tsunami information completed with its modulation aquarium, the pictures of earthquake in Jogja couple years ago, and the others were still on the process. Enough stepping on the pedal of the aquarium of tsunami modulation and didn’t found the big wave like we were imagining (the plate behind the equipment is not parallel enough to hold the water and create a big wave), we walk to the exit door.



Hmm… this time we took the trans Jogja 1B route on the halte across Taman Pintar, the bus staff tell us that it would bring us back to Amplas. This time the route circling behind Malioboro street, passing Tugu monument, turn on Colombo street passing the IKIP which now known as UNY, Demangan Market and brought us back to jalan Solo where Amplas is.


After Toko finished his basketball practice that afternoon we went to Special Sambal ‘SS’ café at Babarsari for dinner. The place is small but it was crowded and not much that we could order since we are kinda late and they running out of food listed in the menu. Curiosly as a spicy maniac I try a few menu recommended by Toko such as sambal bawang gobal gabul, sambal bawang, sambal terasi matang, sambal udang, fried chicken, fried shrimp and fried baby fish. The price is cheap enough, range from 1.000 – 4.000 rupiahs for sambal 1.500 – 6.000 for the main menu, and 1.500 – 5.000 for the drinks.


Ahhhh kenyaaangggg banget deh pokoknya, sambelnya juga enak kok, nyam nyam deh pokoknya….Full and exhausted we closing the day and went home, back to Seturan.


Skrinsut SMSan dengan jeng Carra sembari menatap ikan yang berenang di akuarium bisa dibaca di sini nih. ^^

9 thoughts on “Taman Pintar

  1. sambel gobal-gabul………gk ada yg namanya lbh heboh dr itu ya ? :))

    taman pintar…….ah….kyknya seru ya,
    tp jgn bilang mo nyari simulasinya tsunami aduuu. buuu….

  2. @ Jingga : *gubrak* ternyata dirimu sudah tertular penyakit petromax ya hehehe

    iya itu modul simulasi tsunami di akuarium, tapi onderdil penahan airnya miring jadi kalo diinjek pedalnya ombaknya ga gede *kuciwa liatnya*

    @ Carra : maapkan……sudah diedit kok jeng ^^
    makasih kritiknya ya

    @ Mi-chan : *jitak* palingan juga ga dibaca… (T T)

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