The Shocking Weekend

This weekend has been a tough one for me, most of all emotionally. The occasion drove my energy out and I’m start getting physically exhausted so I decided to go to an acupuncture therapist to get a reflexion massage, just to relax my muscle before its getting worse. This is the new place, I never came here before but my house-mate friend told me and indicated me to try because this one is the very good one u-should-really-try-it, so the three of us goes there.


At first I filled the patient form asking for some general anamnese, sympthoms or clinical sign complained, and then a lady in her middle thirdy told me to lay down on one from five bed provided on the clinic. It is an open room so the next gonna be patient are able to see the treatment methods.


While Christy sit on the bench provided just to looking around, Jeng Nova – who promoting the place, already in her slipping position with the clinic staff holding and doing the acupressure, pushing her feet bottom with a small wood stick. Someone measured my blood pressure which the result was kinda high for me at that time (the highest I ever had), but I guess it’s normal since I almost couldn’t sleep that well during the couple of days. Anyway I’m kinda a night person also craving for caffeine everyday so… I told myself bunch of reason explaining my blood pressure high. Then in couple of minutes the other staffs start doing the same thing to my feet. Hmmm… honestly its feels good, uhmmm…so good.


The lady was approaching and asking some question while I get the accupressure, holding my wrist and feeling the pulse. She was diagnosing through the pulse (pokoke kae di pilem-pilem Jet Li deh), touching and pressing my stomach on the right side for a while. Then she told me something that I was worried a year ago when I received my medical check up result. Higher SGPT and SGOT that indicated that my liver working harder than usual, but the range is still in the normal area and I just finished drinking my antithypoid antibiotic for the whole three weeks at that time so that was the other explanation for the med check result identical with her guessing. For the therapy she was offering a shock therapy, toxin release and blood evaluation. And I have to attend 6 days acupressure therapy in a row after the first therapy. Well its only six days, I don’t mind so I said okay, let’s do it.


I told myself that I came here to relax my body and mind so I’m still trying to enjoy the stickwood pressure along my feet trying to ignore the lady’s diagnosed. Some spot feels hurt when it pushed but yeaahh…I’m strong enough to get through this. Anyway it’s just a small wood stick guys, what else would you think.  


I’m still smilling and feeling relax after they took the blood sample. Then the torcher begun when the lady replace the staff and hold on my feet after the whole acupressure service with that small stick on her hand and another staff holding out my folded feet. It’s gonna be hurt for like 16 seconds she says, the rule is don’t pulled your leg but if you want me to stop just say it stop okay? Okay… thought it wouldn’t be that hurt until she gave the first pressure and I found myself start pressing my feet to the matras and screaming out stop stop stop STOOOPPPPP… argghhhh…


The lady stopped, then the staff sprayed my feet with a Chinesse’s herbal tincture (arak gosok gitu) and I saw four paralel spot on my feet between the toes and the next finger (lupa nama injlisnya jari opo yo…). That’s just one line dear, I still need to make 3 colum like that. Whatttt???? It is still early in the morning but people keep coming by and sitting on the waiting chair on the same room and I just became the super-rock-star of the morning with my screaming.   


Ughh….she left me for a while, then comeback still with that damn stick in her palm – I change my mind about that cute wood stick guys, its evil….(cursing-pain-hysteric-humiliated mode on). At the end I let her finish spotting both of my feet with the stick. Gratefull enough that she didn’t stop like the first time even though I’m screaming again because it made the pain ended sooner. When I thought the torcher has stop the swollen begun hikzz… Now I have a feet like a feet of a mom gonna be in their early pregnancy (been laughing all day for the whole Monday when I use a slipper and walk like a hulk in my office), gonna be like that someday so I don’t really mind, but its really hurt when I use them to walk at the first day. Today afternoon, gonna be the fourth day, two more days counting down to the torcher….but the good news is I feel much better with the acupressure.


Humm…at this moment, all I can say is no pain no gain lah.  

9 thoughts on “The Shocking Weekend

  1. God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, Therefore will not we fear, though the earth be removed, and though the mountains be carried into the midst of the sea..
    – Psalms 46:1-2

  2. @Nai: hush syudahlah jangan kau membuatku tambah sedih jeng dengan menanyakan angka-angka itu

    beneran ya, kalo ke bandung, mbok iyem mu itu harus standby loh ^^

    @Jonathan: AMEEENNNN!!!!

  3. @Mi-chan: makanya kalo belajar yang benerrr dong…. **dicubit**

    @Ries: noooo, this is purely accidentally screaming without script… tenanan nganti isin aku je

    @Elmo: thanks udah ngebesuk ke sini ya ^^

  4. so… this is ansella’s cave 😆

    hmmmm… went to get that acupressure huh?? never cross in my mind to try that kinda thing 😆 must admit that you really have the guts hahaha…

    oh well.. at least you feel better 😉

  5. @Carra: eh, ada tante Carra….lam kenal yaaa *amnesia*

    emang uler tinggal di cave? wkwkwkwk

    well oh well dah, tanggung dah di tengah jalan jeng, 2 more days counting down (ditambahin satu hari lagi karena ngelanggar pantangan kemaren hikz)

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