Just another (topic of) conversation

A few days ago I went to the office with a friend, we talk about a lot of things but mostly about the job and then somehow we got into the adult topic. Well, the part of the discussion was mention about one of the worrying individual value such as the improving an intimate relationship which refers to a sexual relationship without a bond which against the east traditional culture value.


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Parade USB

Belum lama ini saya sedang sibuk mencari USB eeeeh…… tau-taunya hari ini kebanjiran USB, saya punya tigaaa…..empat dengan yang lama ding….



Ada si mungil berwarna merah yang praktis dengan tutup yang nyantol dengan bodinya (gak bakal ilang, lucu khan, cocok buat cewe loh, promosi promosiiii….) dan dua lagi dengan model sorong yang bentuknya simple. ^ ^


Ada yang punya bentuk monyet gak ya???

100 Things About Me

Well… since I’ve been tagged by Jeng Nai, let’s finish the homework now…


1. I’m a girl not yet a woman

2. *who pretend to sing it like Britney @ this moment*

3. who enjoy to walk out crossin the park, street sideways or botanical garden trotoar

4. with my fav jeans and green cupluk old sweater

5. ponny tailed up my colloured hair

6. dicepol juga oke rambut’e ^ ^

7. along with my MP3 coverin my ears

8. listening to a good music

9. such as Bryan Adams as my fave artist

10.followed with Patty Smith, Roxette, Shania Twain, and other various singer


Want to know more? hummmm…….


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