My beautiful wrinkle is back

Since I’m not able to go back to the acupressure clinic everyday to continue the 8th therapy, I have to do the therapy by myself, keep my food on the track (that’s mean oat, oat and more oat….) and do the check up next Saturday. The lady gave me the clue – spots map on my feet (just like that cluster map on that side tab) and that (little devil) wood stick – to stick on my swollen feet with.

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de Dinner @ Tamani Café

de Dinner @ Tamani Café is the almost forgettable story since I havent get the chance to post it when I received the sad news at that day – 2 weeks ago, so let me post it now.


“Last Wednesday was schedulled for the internal meeting and its si gembul’s birthday too, so I’m sleeping earlier at Tuesday’s night so I wouldn’t be late to send the message to si gembul or to go to the office in Sudirman.


Well, what happen next is… si gembul was the one who waking me up early that morning (4.30 an booo)….I guess beside he’s early flight back to Bali, he already waiting to be congratulated anyway hehehe… Omedeto tanjoubi desu ne, kyodai kun !!!



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(Curhat) of the day

Belakangan ini di kosan saya banyak keributan-keributan kecil antar penghuni. Yah..sebenernya sih hanya masalah-masalah kecil menurut saya – mulai dari pintu pagar yang tidak digembok, lampu-lampu yang tidak dimatikan, pintu kamar mandi & dapur yang tidak ditutup kembali, alat-alat dapur yang berantakan, baju yang hilang atau terselip, sampah yang tidak dibuang pada tempatnya hingga diacak-acak oleh mpus tetangga atau tikus tanah yang suka mampir belakangan ini….. hingga akhirnya kalau bertemu satu sama lain, terutama yang dianggap biang rusuh langsung pada kena serangan bisu mendadak…hening.


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Mi koibito

Kemarin sepulang kerja, itu kelima kalinya saya memotong jalan Padjajaran menuju Pasar Bogor, melewati Tugu Kujang dan jembatan kali Ciliwung, memantapkan langkah dan akhirnya harus merelakan kedua kaki saya diutak atik di sebuah ruko berplang kuning di pinggir jalan Suryakencana itu.


Melihat seorang ayah tersenyum kepada anaknya yang berumur 2 tahunan di ruang tunggu, entah kenapa tiba-tiba saya kembali mengingatnya. Dia mungkin akan seperti itu….. ah, ternyata saya kangen sekali padanya…


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The Shocking Weekend

This weekend has been a tough one for me, most of all emotionally. The occasion drove my energy out and I’m start getting physically exhausted so I decided to go to an acupuncture therapist to get a reflexion massage, just to relax my muscle before its getting worse. This is the new place, I never came here before but my house-mate friend told me and indicated me to try because this one is the very good one u-should-really-try-it, so the three of us goes there.


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This afternoon, a call from my old boss secretary from Bogor was really suprising me. She told me that my other ex-boss has died. It’s hard to believe even though I already called his daughter in law to confirm this sad news. I lost him, and here I am sitting in my room with a blank mind in my head, waiting till the office hours to end up….Cant believe he’s leaving…..


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Just another (topic of) conversation

A few days ago I went to the office with a friend, we talk about a lot of things but mostly about the job and then somehow we got into the adult topic. Well, the part of the discussion was mention about one of the worrying individual value such as the improving an intimate relationship which refers to a sexual relationship without a bond which against the east traditional culture value.


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