The Visit to the Doctor

“Open your mouth, wider…wider…”, told the doctor with the flash light on his hand to me. Argghhh….I already open as big as I can, it’s hurts and he kept yelling to open more. For the anamnese, I already told him that I came with a sore throat, a little bit swellin on both side of my submandibularis glands, problems with swallowing, and white tongue so of course I will having difficulty to open my mouth wide enough. Grrrr……  



The fever and the headache are just another bonus from this case, the same with the bedrest for two whole days to prevent me doing something stupid enough at work when my brain is not workin properly. The diagnose was URI and at the end of the visit, I went home with a dozen of antibiotics + anti pyretic + vitamins + a bedrest permit + a note : you should go back here when you run out the medicine and you still have the fever then we’ll take the blood test kinda thing to analyze further – kinda look. Aaahhh….another day off, away from the office should be a yippy day but these are not yippy at all. Well…because it’s a bedrest, not fun, no coffee allowed, no cool drink, no spicy or fried food……huhuhu the more restricted the more tempting they were right?!


But taaaadaaaaaa…. “energizer bunny mode on” I’m back to the office-zation today ^^ Just feel so good to be here today and knowing tomorrow is a weekend yaaaa…..ho ho ho


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