The Primate Research

During my bedrest days, I still need to do something to occupied my mind so I re-type my paper about the primate to give some description why we often use the primate for biomedical research, to get a better understanding that this animal plays an important role in human health. I’ll share this into several sections and hope it will be useful for you who read it.




The Visit to the Doctor

“Open your mouth, wider…wider…”, told the doctor with the flash light on his hand to me. Argghhh….I already open as big as I can, it’s hurts and he kept yelling to open more. For the anamnese, I already told him that I came with a sore throat, a little bit swellin on both side of my submandibularis glands, problems with swallowing, and white tongue so of course I will having difficulty to open my mouth wide enough. Grrrr……  



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