Most wanted thing I wanna do (for today)

Why do the time tickin so slow today when my head couldn’t be compromised and the fever take over my body. Ugh…just want to go home, slipped under my blanket and gone to the world for couple of hours. This intermittent fever always comeback once in a while though I’m not missing them and here I am sitting in front of my PC with central air conditioner pouring from on top of my head, cooling out my body from top to toes, killing my brain cells slowly kalo gini caranya nih.


Let me go hoomee….ow ow ow


Kartini’s Day

R.A. Kartini is one of Indonesian national heroine and each year on April 21st is celebrated as a Kartini’s day. Kartini known with her effort to fight for women’s right in her era on the early 1900. An idea of women emancipation with equal freedom and education as the men’s had. Her idealisms were written in letters to her friend in Europe, collected and published as a book with the title “Out of Dark Comes Light” (Habis Gelap Terbitlah Terang) and had inspiring many Indonesian women.



Telat sehari, tapi semoga Hari Kartini masih bisa dimaknai lebih dari sekedar berkebaya dan bersanggul ya.