Oh Pangolin….

Hari ini banyak sekali topik yang berhubungan dengan hewan, termasuk salah satu berita yang saya baca di kompas online tentang pemusnahan trenggiling tangkapan yang tentu saja sudah diawetkan mengingat trenggiling ini termasuk ke dalam spesies yang statusnya cukup terancam kepunahan. Tidak main-main, jumlah yang dimusnahkan mencapai 360 ekor trenggiling.


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Your opinion ?

An article from today newspaper ( Koran Tempo, April 18th  2008 ) mention about the use of primate for aeronautic experiments by Rusian. One of a country that known with it’s long history using primates for experiments. Laboratories in Sochi Institute of Medical Primatology at Vesyoloye develop a breeding colony of 3.000 long tailed monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) to support the aeronautic space programes. The aim of the experiment is to see the radiation effect in Mars towards the monkeys before sending the human. The project will be start in the early of next year simultaneously with Mars-500 project, a project of inter planets flight simulation programe. The monkeys were use because its similarity with the human and will be observed through its respond towards weightless condition, isolation, diet with juice and sterile food during the experiments.


The critic came from animal lovers all around the world. Andrei Zbarsky from WWF suggested other alternative for the experiments reffering to hundreds of animal that have been use each year for cosmetical or biomedical research.


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