A Thursday’s note

Today is a bus day for me. I go earlier than I use to be, to catch a bus from Barangsiang to Kampung Rambutan terminal. While sitting on the moving bus along the jagorawi toll way, there is a middle age woman whose join us as a singer. Her slender figure wrapped in an old casual t-shirt combined with a pair of blue jeans full of ballpoint graffiti. She knotted her black hair and cover it using a nike cap. Small hand bag were tied up around her waist while her thin fingers embracing the guitar as she start saying words of permission to sing us some songs.


First she started with the classical tune, the one that I use to play when I learn how to play guitar. After a few minutes, she changes the rhythm and start to sing. Her voice is beautiful, strong and clear. I could hear the tremble of her voice at the higher pitch because she was standing near beside my seat. The sound of the air breathed when she exhales and inhales. And I can’t help my mind to start wandering around, to think.


Just another day to be grateful for …..


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