This morning was quite okay, I’m still alive and wake up at the right time. The water is on the right temperature, not raining and the sky was bright. Except for no coffee early at this morning since my water heater is broken and I havent found the new one.

Then my mind start getting cloudy when I get the phone call asking for one box of boots drawn out from the ware house , its not even 7 am yet and I gotta draw the box from there before lunch time. Usually I required that all requirement involving third party should be inform one day before not in such a hurry like this, ruin my schedule and other’s schedulle. Visual documentation such an e-mail play a big role in here, and what RC did, he called, damn…..

Then in the middle e-mail hecticity between me and the warehouse section, another caller asking why I turn off my internal communicator, uggghhh… of course that to stop people like you contact tante google hunny (say it aloud in my head of course) ….bla bla bla…could I get the information about the antibiotics, the acid role for the medicine efficacy bla bla bla… a.s.a.p dong soalnya buat besok. Another homeworks for today deh. Padahal leptop ade, konek iye, onde-onde kaga lah, males sih kemungkinan besar iya banget.…abis knapa kudu minta mulu sih? Cari sendiri napa ya ???  

Been discuss and complain a lot about this because this is not including in my main job, so guys if you read this (I do hope you read this), you know why I upset and close my room for the whole day then ya……and you keep doing the same thing huw… sementara gue mulu yang dikumplen babe kalian (double huw huw & manyun mode on). Terus kayak gini juga lama-lama jadi kaya simbiosis komensalisme alias rugi di aye sementara yang laen jadi tuman, kebiasaan alias ketagihan maunya ditolongin terus. Kadang rasanya diomong juga percuma sih, like talking to da wall aje… Its okay, kalo saling bantu, lah ini? gue terus yang diarepin ngebantu sementara kalian pada ngilang kalo gue kebingungan ma dokumen yang bejibun itu, boro mo minta bantuin translate dah.

Biasanya sih masih think positive aja, selama bisa dikerjain, sikat terussss…. tapi kalo gue kudu bantuin kalian mulu, gawean gue kapan beresnya dong? Trying to think positive don’t help me much today, all I want to do is eating someone… emang dah laper kaliii hihihihi….

Uuuuhhh lega, lumayan juga bisa nempelin nih uneg-uneg di sini biarpun bahasanya kacau balau acakadut….kekekeke protes??? GggggRrrrrr……. bikin blog sendiri sana ;p 

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