Younger Mamsi & Si Unyil


Cleaning up my room, I found that red shoe box on the corner, under my bed among my other shoe boxes. Full of stash pictures, letters and cards. A hiden treasure where I could play with the time machine by looked at them one by one; a younger mother, sisters, brothers, my first niece when she was sooo small (now I have five !!! hummm…hummmm…… let me see if I could remember you all…the record breaker is Natasha, second is Maximillian, third is Raphael, forth goes to Celine and the tail would be Jesslyn), grandma, uncle and aunty, and cousins, junior classmates, those sneaking party during highschool nights, college friends, they were all look so young,  the smile on their face.

Hummmmmmm….most of all they all (including me lah ya) look so skinny booo he he he. It almost seems like I could hear their voices when I flipped the picture.

Thats a picture of a younger mamsi and si unyil berkaos unyil o0(^__^)0o


Transferred from the old blog February 26th 2008

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