Suzanna Tamaro’s Book

I’ve just read the Suzanna Tamaro’s book that I bought at the Gramedia book store yesterday, I’ve just hangin around there trying to find some thick novel to spend my weekend… and suddently this book is there (its a thin book! dont know how I got hypnotized to it) hardly to remember the real title since its in Italian language bowww…
in English it was something like: Follow where your heart lead you
in Indonesian : Pergilah ke mana hati membawamu
but at the end i was glad that I found this one.

After reading the Indonesian version, I wish to find the english version……..(different language katanya different vision of life gituu… tapi kalo soal bahasa Itali bisa keriting otak gua, belom pernah ngeh seumur umur he he he….pizza, lasagna, mama mia…gitu gitu doang ngehnya nih…gawat)

Well at the end…its just a simple book with a lots of meaning, reminds us of our own life, about being honest to yourself for all the decision that you’ve made, that everything is happen for a reason, and that you always have an option in life though you might not always knows it.

Anyway different people means different point of view so….just take your time, make a cup of capuchino and relax before you open the first page…. good luck in reading guys!

Transferred from the old blog June 5th 2005

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