Me & My Monday Morning

It’s early in the morning when my first phone’s alarm woke me up. Automatically my fingers looking for it and snap on the side button to turn it off. I open my eyes a bit., My fluorescent stars has lost it glow, its still dark and and its raining out side…. good signs to sleep again though, so I pulled up the screwed blanket, curlied under and gone to the world one more time.

It feels like I just close my eyes when the recurrent alarm rang again every ten minutes, La Camisa Negra from Juanes sound softly, then louder, louder, and getting louder. Argghhh…. Okay okay…I wake up and drag myself off the bed, turn on the lamp and the water heater, grabbed my coffee cup, pouring 2 spoon of black coffee and a half spoon of sugar inside of it. Watch the dripping of the soft rain through the window, zipping the mineral water before I go to the bathroom and get myself another arggghhh from the cold water that touched my skin. I dried and dressed myself fastly then mixing my coffee. Sniffing and inhale the smell before I took my first zip. Fully awake with the caffein flow through my body. Suddenly I jump out when I remember that there is no red car for today, it’s a bus day. Damn… those 47 ronin uuugghhh…. Stealing a glance at the clock, I send the sms to Ginting, hoping that he’ll go to the ofis this morning. If he’s not reply in 5 minutes, that means bus. I stood up from my corner, open my green bag, throwing my cell phones, the mp3 player and my ofis shoes in there, take my coffee on one long glug, grabbed the jacked and lock the door. I was stepping on my sandals when I get the reply. Hip hip huray….its definetelly ofis day for Ginting  

I start to smile and feeling so lucky becoz  I got 45 minutes extra, so I grab the ruby grapefruit juice box from the refrigerator, take another gulp from the box. Pull out my music player from my tote bag and soon Driver’s High from L’Arc-en- Ciel screaming on my ears. I open the gate out side. Hmmm…the air smell so good, the smell of the soil after the rain, humid but refreshing. With no urgency to rush, I walk slowly through the neighborhood, watching the hurried junior high school students, climbed up the stair behind the mosque to Taman Kencana. Watch the trees along the park before I wave my hand to stop one of the green angkot to take me to the plaza.  

What a one beautiful morning to start a Monday for a chronic patient with “I hate Monday” syndrome like me. 


Transferred from the old blog February 18th 2008

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