Sentimental Journey

It’s been months ago since I was sitting on a bus on my journey from Bogor to Jakarta, our bus passed a car accident at Km 17 on jagorawi toll way. An old blue carry and a silver city car rolled up on the grass on the edge of the toll way. The broken glass shattered around the location, the carry was still intact but the silver one was crushed and squeezed. Ambulance and police car were near by. People slowed their cars and take a look causing a hectic traffic along the kilomtres toll way . People mumbling out sympathy for the accident, for the victims though we don’t see clearly.

And in the same week, in Tuesday afternoon, Erik my colleague at the office told me about Gleny. That she didn’t survived from an accident in Medan. I might didn’t know her that much until we spend that night at the Starbucks and walk along the botanical garden sideway in the middle of the night, just the three of us. Jamie, Gleny and me. She’s was a very young, smart, energizer battery kind of person,  likeable, cool in her own way….an artist wannabe…she’s just so young…and life is just seems so fragile    


Suddenly I feel so ungrateful for the life I had and that make me feel so bad. Questions shouted out from every corner of my head. I’ve been in some accidents that almost took my life (I wrote the last one in one of newspaper community, May 07) and I wonder whether I already appreciate my life properly before my time is up.






Many times I forget how to grateful for all the things I had in my life when I try to aim at higher target and jealousy start control over my heart. I know that’s not good, but that’s what often happen when my pace is getting faster. I look up too much and forget to look down. I realized that God has been patience nice enough until He gave me more than I deserve to fix my life but I keep ended up burning my cigarettes and sipping my coffee, a way to kill myself slowly, while others might have to fight for their life.    


So before everything is became unspoken and became a  hidden old memory, let me say my appreciation for people that give contribution, shaping and colored my life, today, at this moment when I could remember all of you.   

Mamsi – for the live, loves, patience, trust and freedom you gave.

Ema Benteng (alm) – for all the encouraging hugz in my childhood.

Encek (alm) – for the affection of a father that you showed me, a beautiful childhood memories, for taking me to the beach every weekend and make me love the ocean so much. 

Kode & Konga – for being a good big brothers, partners in crime during growin up phase

Uncles, aunties & cousins – the bigger, the merrier.

Indra, Adit Alit – the triplet for sharing the nap after the school time. 

Maia – for the friendship you gave since the 5th grade.

Indah – for all the pijamas party we shared. 

Tommy & David – for being additional brothers indeed.

Daniel – for being a very good best friend once, but still a very awful boyfriend to have. 

Seto & Ishak – for all the encouraging letters you shared.

Imoel – my jogja sister, for those sleepless night and a warm family, a place called home at Seturan. Will be there on your wedding day sis.

Keluarga Moelyono – Bapak, Ibu, Mas, Abang and Toko for the hospitality and the warm welcome.

Rina & Anna – for the friendship we share.  

Bu’e, Mbak Abad, Mbak Wiwid – for the 3 years full of story at Mangkukusuman.

Sri, Widi, Nita, Tiar, Jeng Anna & Mbak Cici – my sisterhood in Mangkukusuman

Yuli – for the sincerity you share, kangen denger sampeyan nembang nduk… 


Bapak Pardjo, Bapak Marto, Ibu Anna, Ibu Issri – for all the patience and kindness

Bapak Akir – the librarian who always spare me more than one book for the weekend. 

Erlando Henriques – for being just a Dado for me, a good friend, brother, miss the speed on the ring road, for the skirt in the box on my first office day…miss those chattin time bro

Didit – another additional biker brother, for letting me drawing around all of your plastic carpet 



Api, Vonny – for those happy hours in my early years in Bogor. 

Pristi – for being a good sister, friend and roommate, kripik kripik…..

Binong family – Pak Bangju (alm), Ibu Ani, Mas Priyo, Abang dan Agung  



Chiko – for all the joy you bring, such a lovely distraction in my chaos schedulle, a furry trouble every morning and those snuffin kisses around my face every night.  



Opiq si bangbalang & mpok Acie – *hugZ* thanks for being a very good friends and supporter especially in the darkest hours…ciyehhh cuit cuit cuit, pokoke kalian my hunny bunny baby kuya ku dah… 

Abang Muhib, Jojo, Tamboss, Opiq, Bonek – kelompok fisiologi terbaikku tapi sadis hihihihi kapan kita bikin martabak mie keju night lagi nih?  

Abang Huda, Abang Boim, Opiq, Kamil, Dilla si Suneo, Casey, Lauren, Elena, Hannah, Katie Oxford, Ben – for the year 1999 field courses  

Mas Hendrik, Kang Jali, Kang Maun, Kang Majid, Usman, Bu Tawi (alm), Bu Eci – for those unforgettable moment in our secret little world out there in the jungle with da monkeys


Elena, Iris, Justin, Carissa, Jen, Becky, Stephanie & Robyn– for the 2000 field course “those crabby party nite”


Mas Randy – for the advise, correction, and patience during the field course, the research and the writing 


Abang & Kaka – for the cozy papandayan 11, the loud voice outside my head its your voice guys hehehe


Ibu Eva Harlina – my academic advisor for the useful tips each semester.

Pak Agus Lelana – my advisor for those patience and correction in papers that I wrote 



Opung ndut – for being a nice boss, friends and grandpa though you were not the perfect one, thanks for all the lessons you share and taught me, I learn a lot.

Opung cantik, Ibu Amri, mertuaku Mama Nita, Bang Andre, Rara & dede Faiz – for the affection you all share, smile, laugh, those stories and the kindness 



Jeung Nyoman – for being a very good sister in the cage, lessons complete sis

Pak Yana – for all the lessons and tricks you share.

Asep – for the ride every time I needed.

Ade, Wawan, Sudir, Erik, Delmi – for all the laugh, the brotherhood and friendship, we share in taman kencana.

Mpok Wince & Mpok Siska – for the girls voice in da cage area, why did you guys come sooo late….

Pak Udin – for cleaning all of the trouble that me and anak-anak has done.


“Ngobaaatttt yukkk……ngesop ngesoppp……..ngupi…ngupiiii…..Bude kangen nih, kandangnya sepi banget di sini” 


DS – for the trust you gave me at the end…

Dian, Ibu Diah, Pak Nengah – calling calling, report report…..

Para bapak-bapak di wanara yang selalu bikin rame setiap berkunjung ke taken.


“Proud to be able to work with you all” 



Uci baba – my dearest little twin sista, thanks for everything that you do for me.

Pakuan family – Pak kumis, Uti, Mbak Asih, Mas Nanang, Ibal, Caca dut, Mba Atih, Mas Ade, Utamen, Nyi Rian Bodo…… for taking me in on your house as a friend, as a part of tante hehehe 



My dearest ojiisan, you know who you are when I mention this. Honto ni arigato, watashiwa wo aishite imasu. Wo hao xiang nian my ojiisan 




My new team at PI:

Mama Wella from the panda family, Bang Erik Ginting, Okta the criminal cat, jeung Yuriko Betsi the white whale who like to buried me with all of the home work and e-mail fight with ‘u know who” hehehe, Itong the ndobos guy, Om Luk, Pakde Hamam, Pakde Yudi, HS, AH, and our new member Marwan (welcome to da family)


 “though it not always feels so good and I always get a headache when workin with you guys, its been a very good experience (especially those trips yaaa), make me tougher everyday…but please aim at the right target dongggg, cape juga pan aye jadi bantalannye ‘u know who’, kalian ini…..huwhuw…” 



Jamie – my lil bongsor bro who always knock my head and heart harder than anyone else could without feeling any guilty at all (dasar ade tiri eh pungut ding kundang!!!). Thanks for being partner in crime ye….at last you make me realized that I’m not crazy…. when I’m with you wakwakwak “ketawa guling guling sambil megang kartu kepiting” 



Eci Sianturi – for taking care of me my lil sista


New friends that I found… Jeng Carra, Jingga, Eru kun, Uya onde, Penguin polos, Fenny, Bowo yang sudah membuat dunia blog ini terasa begitu nyata dan dekat dalam kehidupan perjalanan saya. Nai-chan, Mi-chan, Ries dan Atrix tunggu giliran kalian ya ^^ 

thanks for making me smile  

And for all of you guys that have been touch my life, thank you….






Note: This is a re-write from my old blog at FS on December 7th 2007… dan di apdet tudei


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