“Me & Marley”

KHmm…for dog’s lover this is a very good book to read o0(^_^)0o

Dont call yourself a dog’s lover if you havent read this one, shame on you o0(^_<)0o

Personally I LUV this book, reminds me to those crazy, joyous and glorious moments that I shared with my Chiko.

He taught me to keep smilling no matter what….

Teach me to be able to share (my bed, my pillow, my clothes, my food, my sandal, my shoes, my pencils, etc etc….. o0(>_<)0o

Taught me to be more patience everyday…

Teach me to be able to count higher than the day before hehehe….before enterin the door

Giving the hugz that I need after the thrilling and killing session at campus

He showed me: no pain no gain!

Thats for walking around Sempur area and Padjajaran street for 2 and a half days and he tought that I deserve a the french kiss from him at the end

Sleep well my Chiko, I knew words is never enough to describe whatever I feel for you, thank you for sticking with me till the very last moment.  Mommy miss you!


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